How to create a donation page (INTERPODIA ADMIN ONLY)

  1. Under Home › Fundraise_App  › Campaigns, add campaign and fill in the required information : Chose a name and a description that will appear on the donation page, a logo etc.
  2. You will have to create a charity :
    Click on the magnifying glass and add charity, link it to the correct organization where the money will go. SAVE 
  3. Go to Home › Fundraise_App › Campaign displays › and add campaign display

    Under campaign chose the campaign you have just created. Under content type chose event or organization.
    Under Object ID select the correct Morg or event
    SAVE and continue editing.
  4. Go back to your campaign at Home › Fundraise_App  › Campaigns and go to the Campaign Displays section and link it to what you have just created.