How to set up a Single Day / Single Event Membership Organisation (INTERPODIA ADMIN ONLY)

Setup a Single Day MORG for events

1. Create a VERY basic Membership Organization with virtually NO configurations other than what's required by Django.

The only required addition is to check the box for "Is Single Day MORG"

2. Go to your Annual Membership MORG and set the "Related Single Day MORG" you just created in Step 1

3. Create a GroupGroup like normal - nothing special here. Be aware of is the "Child Select Type" to allow the purchase of multiple day memberships if allowed by the PSO (some PSO's only allow 1 Day Membership per year)

4. Create your Day Membership Node template - be sure there is a parent node to the "template" node. You must select the Template Type on this "template" node.

The node is how the system limits the purchasability of the membership group to a single event (Allowed Events setting on the node will populate with the event ID) and the "template" node, above, will be copied for each event when the registration rule is configured in the dashboard. This makes the node event-specific.

5. Create your Day Membership Group template. You must select the Template Type on this "template" group.

Set the price for the Day Membership on your template group, and grant the "template" node you created in Step 4

6. OPTIONAL: If there is an NSO fee to be added to your PSO Day Membership in the same way an NSO membership is added to a PSO annual membership, you can set a groupgroupgrant on the Template group (step 5) and the NSO fee will be added for each event-specific Day Membership.

7. Profit