(INTERPODIA ADMIN ONLE) IceReg - Setting up events submitted by clubs

If an event submitted by a club is linked to their main club organization, we need to create a new one with different processing fees than the green or blue plan

1. Search your event in django here

2. Open the organization

Scroll to the bottom, if it is linked to a blue/green plan, you will need to create a new organization for them with the correct event fees.

3. We can keep this one and '' save as new '', before that: 

  • add ''events'' after the name
  • Update the online fee structure with either #12 = blue plan / #13 = green plan
  • Update the offline fee structure with either #6 = blue plan / #14 = green plan 
  • Save as new!

4. Go back to your event on django and update the organization linked to your event to the new one you just created.

5. The last step is to group the two organizations (club + event) under the same organization group, for that go here and search the club and event organizations.

6. Select organization group

7. Add a new organization group

  • Owners group: add the club
  • Name: club name
  • Payment processor accounts: take the ID from the existing WePay account
  • Active payment processor vendor: Wepay
  • Payout method: Wepay

8. Link your organization group to both organizations