Membership Group Maximum Price Filters (INTERPODIA ADMIN ONLY)

How to set up membership group maximum price filters

Membership group maximum price filters allow you to easily achieve a 'only pay maximum membership price' logic when setting up morgs where multiple groups may be selected in-builder. Targeted groups will only charge the single-highest price assigned when multiple are selected.

This behavior will only apply for multiple groups being selected in-builder at once - for retroactive/return upgrade logic, IM group requirement filters with an anchor status of 'Complete' will still need to be set up.

Tip: Before you start, list the IDs of the membership groups that should follow the "only pay the highest price" logic. 

Step 1: create a new $0 price and add it to all your groups

Before creating your filter sets, you'll need to create a unique $0 price ID and add that ID as a secondary pricing option on each of the groups that should follow the logic.

1- Create price:

2- Add that new price ID on EACH of your groups

Step 2: Create a filterset link to your Price ID

Select 'Price' as the content type, and point this filter to a new $0 price:

In the content type field, select "membership group maximum price filter", and open the object ID with the loop. If your filter already exists, select it, otherwise, you'll need to create a new one.

Adding a new filter will ask you to assign a name, and specify the groups that the filter targets:

Target all the groups that should be a part of this pricing behavior. If 2 or more of these groups are in the same cart (or builder process) for the same identity, only the highest regular price will be charged, otherwise enabling all other lower prices attached to this filter

Save your "membership group maximum price filter" it will be added to your filter set, save your filter set. 

If you reopen your "membership group maximum price filter" you'll see that the filter set ID has been added there automatically. 


Now, when multiple of these groups are selected at once for a single identity, the user will only be charged the highest price from any of the selected groups: