In the site's Process_App setup

  1. Process
    Just name the Process the same name as the MORG
  2. Process Application
    Point the Process to the MORG
  3. Stage
    A stage is a division of Queues. So depending on how complex our processing queues need to be you can have 1 stage or more than 1 (Requires Attention, Ready to Issue, Issued)
  4. Stage Applications
    Connect your Stage(s) to your Process
  5. Queues
    Queues are how you need to catch/filter your memberships. Common queues include
    Photo Required
    Photo Not Approved
    Waiver Not Signed
    Needs Approval
    Ready to Issue
  6. Queue Applications
    Tell the system which stage your queue is to appear nested under

In the site's Filterset_App

Create filters based on your Queues to catch memberships that satisfy the various filters. There are many filters available & you can take sample of these queue filtersets