Setup Bulk Membership Import (INTERPODIA ADMIN ONLY)

1. Create a Node Payment Group for the MORG's club affiliation

1b...if you are creating club registrations to be invoiced as well you'll need to also create a Category Payment Group for the club registrations

1c ...don't forget your Authorization Batches for your Payment Group(s)

2. Create a Bulk Membership Import Setting

You CANNOT use the bulk upload feature if you have a "purchaser waiver" (refund waiver) linked to your morg process, or all imported membership will stay stuck in processing because no purchaser have signed the waiver as it's showing up nowhere

Choose the appropriate MORG, Club (optional for setup but required if you're creating club registrations during import), Node Payment Group, and Category Payment Group (optional for setup but required if you're creating club registrations during import).

Set the Purchasable Groups: Select all membership groups that are allowed for the import. Only select the appropriate PTSO MORG groups - you do NOT need to include any groups automatically granted as part of the purchase process (i.e. NSO membership) as that will be done automatically.

Specify your Allowed Organizations : anyone with access to any of these organizations will be able to import IMs/club registrations for this morg & club

 If you need to create club registrations during the import then check the box for Create Club Registrations. Note that you need a Club and Category Payment Group (1b, above)
MARION - leave Import template empty. 😜

3.  Enable Payment Groups on your MORG

Near the bottom of your MORG in django, check the box to Authorize Payment Groups

4. Test import via the Membership Organizations tab in dashboard

5. Setup your Payment Group Invoice and Receipt

Once everything to import is working, you need to create the Invoice and Receipt templates for the payment group.
Copy the setup of these two;
...and change the MORG address and MORG logo at the top of the invoice. The rest of the template can stay the exact same for all MORGs & Interpodia websites.

We now use dynamic invoices, they look like that:!/invoices/paymentgroup/40 

So we can leave the "invoice" field empty, and simply select the "allowed invoice version" = V2 - Angular Dynamic Page

HOWEVER, even though the invoice is dynamic, there are a few things to set up at the morg level for the invoice to actually show on any payment group linked to that morg :