Setup Tax Receipts for donations (INTERPODIA ADMIN ONLY)

Setup tax receipts for donations made to a charity


Before we're able to issue tax receipts on behalf of a charity we MUST have an "agent authorization" form completed and returned to us.
Interpodia can not issue CRA-compliant tax receipts without explicit authorization from the charity.


1. Create your charity, campaign, & campaign display as per usual

2. Create the tax receipt document (template). You can copy the HTML from CCN here;

Charity-specific areas in template that need to be updated include;

  • Charity Logo (near the top)
  • Charity name & address
  • Charity Registration #
  • Authorized Signature image (near the bottom. signature should be found & taken from Agent Authorization form)

3. Create a Number Generator for receipt numbers. Be sure to check if the receipt number range or format is specified in the Agent Authorization

4. Create the Tax Receipt Setup

5. Connect your Tax Receipt Setup to your Campaign