Basketball Quebec Coaches - How to "charge my fee to my club"?

Note that this option is available only if your club has a payment group (open invoice) setup

1- From the coaches registration process here:!/memberships/builder-v2/basketball-quebec-entraineurs-20212022, start the registration process by selecting whom you want to register

2- Select the Coach affiliation - 2021/2022 membership option

3- At the membership affiliation step, you MUST select your club (that's what trigger the payment options)

4- At the payment method step, select 'my club will pay for my fees' (eg: Mon club prend en charge mes frais d'adhésion:Chateauguay Basketball Association - Adhésions BQ (Entraîneurs) 2021/2022)

5- Continue normally up to the card, then the cart will display as follow:

The $28.82 is the Sterling Backcheck Fee, if needed, it must be paid online by the coach, but it can also be removed from the cart by the coach if they have an up to date Backcheck already: