BC Weightlifting - How to purchase my club membership?

To purchase your club membership follow this link : https://2mev.com/#!/memberships/bc-weightlifting-association-club-memberships

Your Coach NCCP number will be required in order to complete the form.

1st step: enter your listing information

A listing is gathering all the details (name / address / contact information / etc..) of your club: 

The start date should be January 1st 

The end date should be December 31st

(no need to add a time)

Then, you will be prompted to select your listing classification, you can select one or more, and to add your social media links. Choosing the appropriate classification will help registrant to find your event/club easily in the search function of our website as well as in the club directory 

Then, you can access the next step of your application by selecting 

2nd step: Follow your application process 

 Then complete the following questions: 

Once you have answered all of the questions click on to see the cost summary:

To submit your application select PAY ONLINE. You'll access your cart from where you can process your payment: