FENCING- Event sanctioning process (AFA)

Please find below the step by step process to follow to create your own online registration process and have it sanctioned by AFA

From the AFA event sanctioning process landing page, select 

Step 1: Create your listing (or copy it from one of your previous listings)

A listing gathers the basic information about your event:

If you already used 2M for a previous similar event, or if you already started your application at a previous date, you can reuse a listing with the "copy from an existing listing" option

Once you've selected the option, all your existing listing will show up as below: 

If you have more than 5 listings, you might want to use the search function:

Once you found the listing you need, you can either continue an existing incomplete application using the icon, or copy the information and start a new application using the icon.

Once you've filled all the required information, select 

Then, you will be prompt to select your listing classification and to add your social media links. Choosing the appropriate classification will help the registrant to find your event/club easily in the search function of your website.

Step 2: Complete your event information (to be approved by AFA)

Once complete, hit 

Step 3: Create your online registration categories and prices

You should create at least one category by category selected in the event information questions (primary and additional)

To add one category, just select 

Mandatory: Add Category Name. Eg: U20 Men's Epee 

Optional: You can also add a description and a max registration capacity

Optional: select age or gender restrictions

Mandatory: Add a price (the category price name will auto-fill)

If you need to add more than 1 category, you can select 

If your next category is similar, you can use our Copy Existing Registration Category tool and update what's needed:

When you're done with the last category, just select

And then save again your section 2/3

Step 4: Complete the Equipment Rental Information section

And click DONE.

Your cost summary will display (may vary depending on the option you have chosen)

Step 5: Pay online

Select "pay online" - then you'll be prompt to sign any waiver related to your application 

Select "I agree to the above" once you've read the waiver and entered your name

Once in the cart, complete or confirm your billing address: 

And enter your payment information and then hit "select & complete"