How to manually add a membership or license to someone's profile?

Follow the steps below if a member has purchased a license or membership offline and needs to be added to their profile.

  1. Does this person have an existing user account?
    It's important that you first search the existing database to see if the member has an existing user account. If they do, you must connect the member's new license/membership with their existing account.
  2. Search for the member by first name, last name, or email under People/User account profile under Search and Manage 
  3.  If they DO have a user account, select the account to open the profile details.If they DO NOT have an account, create a user by clicking the button Can't find the person you were looking for? at the bottom of the page. Once the user is created refresh your search and click the details icon.
  4. In the Profile Details screen, you can create a membership for that member in the second section on the page memberships.
  5. Once a new membership is created you will automatically be forwarded to the Membership Details page for the license/membership you just created.
  6. Then, Complete the Membership Details
    The membership you manually created will be blank. You must fill in all the membership        details before being able to send the member card (if applicable).

Optional fields you may want to complete:

  • Member Address
  • Citizenship (if applicable)
  • Shipping Address (if applicable)
  • Upload Photo (if applicable)   

    7. Assign a Purchase Group,Purchase Group is our technical term for a license/membership option... basically what the person has bought and is entitled to. In the center of the Membership Details page (third widget) there is a drop-down menu to Add a New Group. Choose the type of license/membership the person has paid for or is entitled to and "Add Membership". 

    The license/membership you've manually created is still INCOMPLETE. You still need to complete the membership

     8.   Complete the Membership, within the Purchased Group there is an edit button (below the affiliate selection on the right side).

    Click the edit button to open the fields for editing and choose the appropriate membership type from the drop-down menu(s) or check the appropriate checkbox(es)

    Once you've done that, the group status will become complete. 

    At that step, refresh your membership details page to trigger the membership status to be issued. If the member already has a membership number, that should auto-populate too. 

       9.  Assign a club/team affiliate to the membership (if applicable)

      10. Indicate Valid From and Valid To dates (if applicable)

            Once done with your selections click the save button (previously the edit button).

    •  Membership Number
      If the member number did not carry forward from a previous license/membership you need to generate a member number. In the upper-right side of the Membership Details page there is a widget for Status and Number. To generate a number click the "edit" button, then the "Generate Number" button, then save.
    •  Extra Questions
      If the license/membership you've assigned to the member has additional "questions" they will now appear at the bottom of the page under the two address fields. You can complete the questions if you choose to do so.

    Now that you've completed the license/membership you have the ability to generate the appropriate documents (license/membership card and/or welcome letters).