OCA - How to manage the Covid-19 declaration for my members?

As an event organizer, all your current activities need to follow the Covid-19 requirements. Please find below what CCN has set up for you, as an event/club/PTSO admin, to have your members meet those requirements.

Your organization has been given a new "ORGANIZATION NAME - Activity Registration" event for you to manage your members' COVID-19 registrations.

Please find below the steps to manage your COVID-19 declaration event.


The default content is :

As part of  OCA guidelines, it is important that anyone who participates in a club or sanctioned activities must complete a COVID 19 self-declaration form.

Clubs are also required to track attendance of participants, volunteers and coaches at all club hosted activities.

Register here for club activities, programs & events.

It will appear on the club activity registration page here: 

To update or add this content, go to your event dashboard -> registration configuration -> content and edit the "registration page description - top": 

Registration categories

For each new activity that you will be offering, you need to create a new registration category as follow: 

Go to registration configuration -> registration categories 

If you're managing your 1st activity then you have to :

1- Click "view/edit" on the template category, that will trigger the category update window

2- Update the name at the top, and save

Manage which categories are available at the time

Once you've created one category per event/activity you're running - you can choose which one will be available for people to register at a certain time. 

To do so, go to your event dashboard -> registration configuration -> registration categories 

Click on view/edit of the category you want to manage. Change the status: 

  • Open: Will be available for people during their registration process
  • Close: Won't show up during the registration process

Contact your members

Once you've created your new category/activity, please send out to your registrants the registration link that can be found in the event listing tab: 


Also, here a link to a GUIDE you can send to your members as an explanation on how to get register for their Covid-19 requirement.