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Event/Club- How to add-update online agreements (waiver / policy) as part of my registration process?

Waivers are the release of liability, media consent, and any legal/binding document that you would like registrants to agree to. These are shown before a person reaches the cart page to complete a purchase.


To add/update a waiver from your dashboard, please follow the above steps: 

Create a new document

1- Go to your club/event dashboard and select the tabs Registration configuration -> Waivers

2- You can create a new agreement by clicking on the "Add Agreement" blue button

3- Enter your document name (that name is the admin name displaying on your event/club dashboard)

4- Choose what type of document you want to create, depending on who must be prompt to sign it

If you've chosen the "purchaser only" type, go to step 6 directly 

5- If you've chosen the "each participant" option, you need to select whether or not you'll need to create a minor version of your document

If so, you need to confirm the age of consent applicable for your organization (usually depending on where the event/activity is taking place)

6- Click Done

7- Choose what's the primary language of your document, you can choose to create the document in multiple languages if needed (only English and French available at the moment)

8- Once you click Done, the waiver will be created and the editor will open automatically so you can enter the content (title + body)

If you've chosen to have a minor version, you need to complete the title + body for both type (adult and minor) even if you add the exact same content 

Note: you can add a PDF version of your waiver for people to download as a copy if they want to using the 'upload file' button

Then, click Save. The waiver is ready and will display in view mode as follow: 

From there you can edit the content or type of waivers if you want to. 

Reuse an existing document

1- Go to your club/event dashboard and select the tabs Registration configuration -> Waivers

2- You can reuse an existing document by clicking on Reuse existing agreement

3- Search the document you want to reuse by name, and select it - Then you need to choose between 'add the existing agreement to that new event' OR 'clone the agreement and create a copy'

Important note

  • When reusing an existing document to display it across multiple registration processes, editing the document from any process dashboard will affect all of them.
  • When cloning an agreement, the edit you make on the new document will only affect the new event 

4- The document gets added to your current setup, and you can edit it if needed (see steps below)

Edit an existing document 

  • To edit the content, click the edit content white button
  • To edit the display (which registration categories the document will show up for), click on the edit display options white button, and select in the popup what the document should apply to: 

Add checkbox content to your agreement body

A checkbox content is a sentence or a paragraph you want registrants to click on as proof they read it and agree to it. It will look like that for the registrant upon reading and signing the document : 

To set those checkbox content, you need to switch your content editor to "source mode" and add the following HTML content before and after your sentence or paragraph: