How to update or cancel my subscription payment information

If you've registered for a club/membership or activity with a recurring billing option on it, you'll find the details of your subscription as below:

  1. Hover over name (top right)
  2. Click on Subscriptions / Recurring Billing
  3. Select your subscription

You'll be able to EDIT or CANCEL your subscription, only if the type of subscription you've subscribed to has been setup as EDITABLE - if none of the EDIT/CANCEL buttons are showing up once you open your subscription, it means you need to contact your club/membership organization representative to request a cancelation.

  1. To update payment details - select "edit subscription" and enter your new card information
  2. To cancel, simply select "CANCEL SUBSCRIPTION" 

And confirm

You'll get a confirmation message

And your subscription will show up as "cancelled"