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Certification Tracking System (CTS) - How to mark attendance on my past event

This article is giving you the tools to mark attendance on the course records of the participants of your past events.

1- Go to the COURSE EVALUATIONS menu from your admin dashboard, under seach and manage

2- From the course evaluation menu header, click on Mark Attendance

3- From the popup, lookup and select the course you want to mark attendance for and click next

4- Select who is marking the attendance (only pre-defined admin will show up in that list, that must be set up at the event level, in advanced config)

5- For each existing record (list of people who registered for that event requiring attendance tracking) select whether they attended or not, you can also use the mark all options. 

Note: if your event has a large number of participants, you can also choose the number of rows displayed on your screen to mark them all at once

6- Click save and you're done!