How to clone a registration process (as an event organizer or club admin)

If you are an event organizer that runs many similar events, or you're a club admin that needs to create a process for a new year, instead of building them from scratch using the Event Wizard, you can clone them and then make any needed edits in the administrator dashboard.  Here's how:

  1. Find the event you want to clone by searching for it in the Events (or Clubs if you're a club admin) tab:

  2. Once the search has found the event, click on it.

  3. From the Dashboard Home tab, click on the 'Clone Registration Process' button on the right side of your screen.

    Screenshot 2023-08-09 151037

  4. A new 'Create Registration Process Clone' window will pop up where you can update the details for the new event or club (name, registration start/end, open/close dates etc..) 

Registration Open Date will affect also during your tests


  • IGNORE : Will no reuse.
  • REUSE : Allow to keep using the same process as the past, while keeping stocks and financial datas
  • DUPLICATE : Will copy the process as indepent. You will need to re-enter stocks and will have independent 

and click  'Save'.

You need to go back and search your new dashboard to access it.