Event/Club- How to add a registration category and a price

What is this? 

These are the categories that you sign up for when registering.

How do I get here? From your event dashboard go to configuration -> registration categories


Set up a new category

To create a new category, select the green button "add new category":  

Then complete all the needed information in the pop-up window:

Pro tip: If you already create another category on your event with similar specs, you can reuse the setup for your new category using the "copy existing registration category" option - that will pre-fill your setup so you only have to change what's needed

Category Name: This is the name registrants will see when selecting the appropriate categories to participate in.

Category Capacity: The individual category capacity. If your Event / Club capacity is less than what you specify here the Event / Club capacity takes effect. 

Description: A brief description of the category or any important notices that pertain to it. 

Restricted by age: The category will show up only for people between the min and max age.

Restricted by gender: The category will show up only for people of a specific gender 

Price: The value amount you would like to input.

Pricing Name: For internal use, this does not show to any participants only organizers and Interpodia staff. The field auto-fill when you enter the category name and the price

Adding a Discount / Early Bird: 

Note: The discounts are tied to a price and NOT the registration category. If you select a price is linked to different registration categories these discounts WILL APPLY to them.

By Date / Early Bird: These are discounts that are triggered by date or more commonly known as early birds.

Please enter: 

- Discount name: That will show up on the receipt

- Amount: In dollars or in percentage depending of what you select on the discount type

- Discount type:

- Date from and to: The time is based on the time zone of your event

By Registration Quantity: These discounts are normally reserved for series registrations, but can be for registrations that have multiple dates that allow participation. Normally Interpodia uses these for a 'class structure' that wants a discount for registering for more than one session.

Update an existing category

Once you created your categories, they will show up as below:  

From this page, you can

1 Edit a category

2 Delete a category