How to edit a registration's information details

You can manage event registrations and view registration and transaction details.

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  1. Once logged in, click on "Tools" and choose "Dashboard"
  2. Click the "Registrations" tab under "Search and Manage" to specify your search by registration. You may enter search criteria to find a specific registration (by F Name, L Name, or email) or you can leave the search field blank to pull up all registrations.
  3.  After selecting a registration, on the registration details page you are able to modify the participant details (Name, Email, DOB), the participant address, and any survey questions answered during registration. If a modification is made, be sure to click the blue "Save" button to apply your changes.From this page you can :
    1. Resend a confirmation email
    2. Change someone's registration category
    3. Change a registration status
  4. To know the transaction details (how much they paid) you can click on the View Order in the Order Details section below . The Order Details page will be a financial summary of the registration.