Event- How to edit a team information details

To view/manage team details and team registrations please log into your admin account. From there follow the steps below.


As an admin you have access to the actions below: 

  1. View Teams
  2. Change Team Details 
  3. Change Team Categories

View Teams

  1. After you have logged into your admin account. Select the "dashboard" button from the gray panel on the left-hand side of your screen.
  2. From there a separate tab will open where you will be able to see your event/club dashboard. 
  3. You can then select the "teams" button on the gray sidebar menu and view all the teams registered under your account. 
  4. You can then choose the team you would like to view and edit.

Change Team Details

  1. Select the team which you wish to edit.
  2. That should take you to the following page
  3. From there you can edit the following: 
    1. Team name
    2. Visibility (NOTE: a private team will be invite-only and NOT be searchable in the Join Team list)
    3. Enable a team passphrase and specify/edit the passphrase
    4. Enable/disable Team Manager Notifications
  4. Once you have modified everything to your liking, be sure to click the Save button to confirm the changes. Reload the page to ensure the changes have taken effect. 

Change Team Category

How team categories work: 

  • Teams can have categories set out by the event as well as sub-categories. 
  • Categories can be adjusted from the "Teams" page as seen above. These can be adjusted by only the admin. See the steps below.
  • Sub-categories are adjusted by selecting the individual registrant on the team. These can be adjusted by solely the admin. See the steps below. 
  1. Click on the Change button the right side of the page (see red arrow below). This will open the Category Change overlay.
  2. In the Team Category Change window, you can change the team category from the select box as shown below.
  3. To confirm the new Team Category simply click the blue "Update Category" button.

IMPORTANT REGISTRATION CATEGORY NOTE: If there are existing registrations on the team they will be listed within the Team Category Change overlay. Once you change the team category be sure to review the Registration Category for each registration as you may need to change it so there is no conflict. The system will not automatically change the registration category.