ESNZ - Members management

General information 

The members are split into 4 main groups: 

- Members (365): ESNZ - Memberships Dashboard

Members management:

- Coaches (365): ESNZ - Coaches Dashboard

- Officials (365): ESNZ - Officials Dashboard

- FEI registrations (one process per year)

However, all membership options are available to the members from a unique registration process:!/memberships/equestrian-sports-new-zealand

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Type Linked attributes Notes
  • Public Directory Display
  • ESNZ Region
  • Volunteer's disciplines
  • Volunteer's role(s)

Included in ESNZ Member's information group

Office Holder
  • Office holder's role
  • Office holder's group/board/committee

Included in ESNZ Member's information group

Intro / Casual
  • Casual Rider Center
  • Rider's disciplines
FULL: Youth / Adult / Rep Team
  • Rider's disciplines
  • Competing Overseas
The competing overseas attribute is used by the ESNZ team to keep their list of members competing overseas up to date. 

"Competing overseas" attribute: If a member is competing overseas, open their profile details, scroll down to the "ESNZ Member's information" attribute section and click edit on the attribute: 

And select "yes" in the dropdown then "next": 

The full list of current overseas members can be download from your ESNZ - Memberships Report Tab under the "membership reports" section: