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Event/Club- How to update my registration page description

From that tab, you can update the content that will display on your landing page. As well as the confirmation email and the transaction successful message.

1- Registration page content

To update the content of the registration page of your event/club registration process, you need to edit the section "registration page description - top" as seen here:

Once you've clicked edit, you can add all the information about your event/club. Add images, tables, links from the various options here: 

To update the very bottom of the landing page of your event/club, you need to click "save" on any changes you've made to the Registration Page Description - Top and click "edit" on the Bottom portion.

That will take you to the following screen, where you can add any additional information just like the top of the page. 

1-a. Add a link

To add a link to your website, for example, you need to :

  1. Select the text you want to add the link to as demonstrated below
  2. Click on the "hyperlink" button as seen below:
  3. Add your website link: 

  4. If you want the link to open in the new tab, go to the "Target" tab and choose "New Window". 

2 - Registration Confirmation Email

To update the registration confirmation email