Gymnastics Canada - How to review and approve registrations

Registrations with the following upload requirements: 

  • Respect In Sport / Respect et sport
  • True Sport Clean / ABC du sport sain
  • Making Headway / Prendre une tête d'avance

will be put under a Manual Hold status until it is reviewed and issued by a Gymnastics Canada Administrator. 

1. Click HERE to access the list of all registrations currently under manual hold.

(From your dashboard: Membership Organization > Gymnastics Canada > Queued Items)

2. Select the person you need to review, it will open their membership details page

3. Scroll down to the Attributes & Records section to see the files that were uploaded: 

They are also available further down under the Additional Information section: 

4. If the registration is approved, switch the membership status to Issued by clicking on edit

And selecting issued 


What should I do if the requirements are not approved? 

You can reach out to the person directly from the membership details page by using the Notify & Follow Up section.

You can create an email template to quickly reuse. Click HERE to learn how to create a template.