How to manually register someone for an event/club

Enter someone into your event/club without having them go through the registration process. WARNING: this is a manual adjustment process, no associated order will be created and no payment will be collected through the system.

  1. From your admin dashboard click the PEOPLE/PROFILES tab in the left navigation.
  2. Search for the person you wish to register by name or email.
    1. If the person you're looking for exists in your database simply click their name to access the Person Details, and go to step 3
    2. If the DO NOT exist, click the button "can't find the person you were looking for?..." and create the account/profile.

3. In the Person Details section called REGISTRATIONS you will see the option to "Register {name} for:" where you can search and select the event, then the registration category you wish to enter the person into. Click the "register" button to complete.

That's it! This person is now listed in your event/club registration metrics & statistics.


The registration you just created is virtually empty of any information other than the name, email, dob, and gender. If you wish, you can open the registration details and complete the participant address and any additional questions if applicable. 

If your event/club has participants agree to a waiver electronically, a waiver WILL NOT be created for this person online. You must collect a hard-copy from the participant.