How to Setup and Use Organizer Admin Fees?

Admin fees can be used to manage any scenario you want to add a fee to a person's account (tied to a specific person), and that person cannot remove the fee from their cart. It must be paid.

Steps to create and assign Admin Fees:

  1. In the Financials and Accounting area of your admin navigation, create an Admin Fee. If you are an administrator of multiple financial accounts, be sure to choose the proper financial account from the drop-down menu at the top of the page.

    Click the Admin Fees tab and select "add administration fee"
  2. In the creation pop up as below enter the;
    - Fee Name
    - Description
    - Amount
    - Tax Country, if taxes are being charged,
    - Tax Rate, etc.
  3. Click "Add Fee"
  4. (OPTIONAL IF USING GL CODES) If you need to post revenue for the fee to a specific GL account, pause here and go through this article: Assigning Revenue Accounts to Products or Services
  5. To assign the fee, from the PEOPLE tab search for the person (by name or email) who you need to assign the fee to. Click into their Person / Profile Details:
  6. Scroll down to the Fees section, and click Assign Administration Fee.
  7. Choose their fee and click "Assign Fee"

The fee is now assigned to that users cart under the person's name. The user will not be able to complete any new transaction without paying the fee to your financial account.

To pay the fee, you can tell the person to log in to their account and visit their shopping cart by clicking the cart icon in the site navigation bar.

Once the fee is been paid you can view the order by clicking "View" in the Profile Details where the fee was assigned.

If you no longer need to charge the fee, you can click Delete from the person's profile to remove the requirement for them to pay the fee.