Payment by installment for clubs

Payment plans allow your club to collect their registration fees in multiple payment (split payment or recurring billing)

Learn more about the benefits of offering installment payments in our dedicated article:

Why Should Clubs Consider Offering Installment Payments?


How it works

In order to set up installment plans for club fees, we kindly request that you provide us with the necessary information for each registration category that requires installments:
  1. Name of the registration category
  2. Number of installments
  3. Type of installments, there are two (2) options:
    • Option 1 - Based on the initial purchase date: eg: if the first transaction is on Sept 20th, and the second payment is due 30 days later (October 20th) and then the third payment is due 60 days later (November 20th), etc...
    • Option 2- On specific dates: Regardless of the original purchase date, the club can determine which days the installments will be charged.
      Eg: the first transaction is made on Sept 20th and the second transaction is on October 1st.
      Important note about option 2: participants who register after the first scheduled date will never be charged for that installment. The club is responsible for monitoring until when participants should be allowed to register for calendar-based installments registration categories.
 Please note:
  • Installments can only be configured at the club level fees (PTSO/NSO fee will be due in full at checkout)
  • The first installment is due at the initial purchase, and the same equal amount will be charge on each occurence.
  • A registration category is configured either with recurring payment (installments) or in full payment (one time only), we cannot let the member choose (for now). Registration categories with installments should be labeled accordingly. eg:
    • Recreational Program - Full
    • Recreational Program - 4 installments
  • Each installment will generate a separate registration within a club's dashboard. This will impact reporting and the maximum capacity function.
  • Any waiver signatures (club waivers) only appear with the initial registration.

Configuration Fees

Additional fees may be required for your club to access and utilize the addon configuration option. For more information on pricing, please reach out to our support team.