FEATURE- What is "Optional Upgrade - Refundable registration"?

Registrants are seeing "Optional Upgrade - Refundable registration" in their cart; what does that mean? Is there any impact on my organization?


This new and optional feature is offered by Interpodia and its refund organization partner and is FREE OF CHARGE for your organization.

Allowing access to the optional refundable option will not affect your finances (you are not liable for the refund).

If a purchaser chooses to upgrade their order with the refundable option and claim a refund with our refund partner, your organization (club, event, federation) WILL NOT GET CHARGED.

Refundable Registration / Refund Protect

We have launched an innovative new feature for our clients called Refundable Registration / Refund Protect, which enables your customers to select upgraded Refund Terms when making a registration without any risk to your business or revenue!

  • Full refunds - Customers receive 100% refund of their transaction (including any extras purchased in the registration)
  • Increase customer registration confidence – Customers now have more confidence to book in advance knowing that they will receive a 100% refund if something unforeseen prevents them from attending their registration
  • Refunds paid for you - Refunds paid entirely on your behalf; you keep the original payment & customers receive full refund
  • Costless - All costs are passed onto the customer
  • Refund admin handled for you – All Refundable Refund Applications are handled entirely on your behalf through our administrators of the service who have a 7 star rating on Trustpilot here
  • Quick Refunds within 72 hours – Customers receive a superior customer experience during difficult circumstances with average refund processing time of 4 hours from application submission!
  • Entirely optional to customers – Refundable Res are recommended as an option to customers, is not mandatory and we see on average 25% - 30% of customers opting-in to Refundable Registrations

Refundable Registrations helps your customers book confidently knowing that if an unforeseen circumstance affects the customer and prevents them from attending their registration, each customer will be eligible for a 100% refund of their entire transaction paid entirely for you by our administrators of this service. We include as many circumstances as possible within the Refundable T&Cs that may affect any customer, including the example scenarios below:

  • COVID-19 Infection – See Details (IF extended COVID-19 terms are applied)
  • Illness (affecting the customer or their immediate family)
  • Accident / Injury
  • Pre-existing medical conditions
  • Pregnancy Complications
  • Death (including immediate family)
  • Public Transport Failure (to their registration)
  • Mechanical Breakdown of your vehicle (to their registration)
  • Adverse Weather (to their registration)
  • Home Emergency
  • Theft of Documents
  • Jury Service
  • Court Summons
  • Armed Forces & Emergency Services Recall
  • Relocated for Work
  • Changes to Examination Dates


To view even more scenarios and the simple evidence required, please read the full Refundable T&Cs here

Refundable Registrations are offered to your customers during your registration process prior to payment and can be found as a small optional box for the customer to select. When selected, a small fee is added to their transaction for the upgraded terms and once the customer has paid, their upgraded Refund Terms will be active.



How does this benefit our company?

Not only do Refundable Registrations ensure the customer has a more flexible cancellation policy on their entire Registrations in uncertain times, customers receive a superior customer experience whilst you generate a lucrative revenue stream from this costless feature!

How much do the Refundable Registration cost me?

Nothing! All fees are paid for by the customer at the point of registration.

The customer can’t attend their Registration; how do they apply for a refund?

Once the customer has made their payment, they will receive a registration confirmation email from you as normal which now contains an additional section about their Refundable registration. The customer then clicks the direct link to the dedicated online application form and uses their standard registration reference we provide to open their refund application and complete.

When can the customer apply for a refund?

The customer may apply for a refund via the online Refund Application Form any time up to the time of the registration (departure) and even 60 days after, should the customer not have been able to attend.

How long does it take for the customer to receive their refund?

Once the customer has submitted their refund application, the customer will receive confirmation of receipt from the dedicated Customer Experience team and if approved, the customer will receive their refund within 72 hours directly to their chosen bank account (average processing time is 4 hours!).


The registration has been cancelled by the supplier / provider, is this included in Refundable Registrations?

Refundable T&Cs are only applicable for personal circumstances affecting the individual and therefore cancellation or delay by you or a supplier is not included in the Refundable T&Cs. If their registration is cancelled you, the customer will follow your standard cancellation terms of sale.

What happens if the customer’s circumstance isn’t included in any of the Refundable Terms?

If your customer feels their circumstance is “unforeseen” and/or classed as an “emergency” then we would recommend the customer to still apply through the online Refund Application Form as the circumstance will be considered by our consumer-centric Customer Experience team.

What is excluded from the Refundable Terms?

Any circumstance that is not detailed in the T&Cs nor can be considered an unforeseen and/or emergency circumstance would not be eligible for a refund. Please find a list of generic exclusions in our Terms and Conditions under “Specific reasons where refunds will not be provided:”.

We can’t give you a full specific list of exclusions due to “emergency circumstances” which are handled on a discretionary basis, and as it would restrict our terms for your customers. However generally “I don’t want to attend or feel like attending/I can’t attend because of a reason that was foreseen at the time of registration” is not a valid reason for refund.

Refundable Terms do not include if the registration / event is cancelled by you. The Refundable Terms are only applicable to personal unforeseen and emergency circumstances preventing customers from attending their registrations.


(IF extended COVID-19 terms are applied)

Do these extended terms include COVID-19 related circumstances?

We adapted to the current climate to include most of the common COVID-19 related circumstances on an entirely discretionary basis. It is important to read our full Terms for these cases here, however in summary they include the following:


  1. The customer, or someone within the customer’s Immediate Household, have contracted Covid-19 within the 14 days immediately prior to the Registration; supported by evidence of a positive test result.
  2. The hospitalization, or death, of the customer’s Immediate Family Member due to Covid-19, within the 28 days immediately preceding the Registration; supported by a medical / death certificate.
  3. A significant change in the customer’s pre-existing medical condition in the 14 days immediately prior to the Registration results in a Doctor recommending the customer do not Attend due to the risk of exposure to Covid-19.

Refunds are not issued where the customer does not attend because the customer is concerned about catching Covid-19 or are self-isolating without a positive Covid-19 test, or where the Registration is cancelled

These reasons for refund are considered on an entirely discretionary basis and are not to be taken as a guarantee of refund.