Event/Club- How to create-update registration forms for my registration process

Registration forms allow you to create survey questions that the registrant will have to fill during his registration process.

How do I get here? 

Find your event from the event menu, once your event dashboard is open, go to the configuration -> registration forms tab: 

How do I create my forms?

  1. Choose who will need to answer those questions: 

    1. Every registrant? Then create a new form in the "manage form" menu

b. Only registrants in a specific category? Then create a new form in the "manage registration category forms" menu

Then choose which category from the drop-down list 

And create a form

2. Create your questions

Form Title / Heading: This is what will be displayed when grouping the registration questions together.

Example: Additional Information or Emergency Contact Information 

Question Type: 

Short Answer: For quick answers that don't require a lot of space.

Long Answer: For answers that require more thought (allergies, job description)

Dropdown: For single option answers (Yes or No)

Checkbox: For questions that can have multiple answers


Triggers question: You can also create a question that will be asked based on the answer to a previous question - for that the first question needs to be either a dropdown or a checkbox question

1st step: Create your main question as well as your "to be triggered" questions

2nd step: Add the triggers question to your main question option - see below

Then during the registration process, if someone selects "Position A" as an answer to question 1 then the system will prompt them to answer Position A question.


3. Update your questions

Once create the registration forms will show up in your event registration forms tab, you can simply click edit on any of them