WePay Orders - What does the transaction error code mean on the order details?

When payments are being declined by WePay (our payment processor), the transaction is marked in the order details as "unpaid" and when applicable, you can see an error code next to it: 

The meaning of that error code can be found on the Errors WePay Webpage.

Below are the most current ones: 

Payment Error Codes

  • 2001: The AVS check on the payment failed (invalid billing address).
  • 2002: The card type is not supported by the Merchant.
  • 2003: The issuing bank indicated that the card is not supported.
  • 2004: The issuing bank declined the charge but did not tell us why (generally due to a fraud check on their side).
  • 2005: The payment method does not have sufficient funds to make the payment.
  • 2006: The card has been lost or stolen.
  • 2007: The card has expired (some issuing banks don’t care though and we only care if they do).
  • 2008: Some of the card data was invalid (CVV, expiration date, card number, name on card).
  • 2009: The credit_card object is in an invalid state for that action.
  • 2018: The credit card provided doesn’t support recurring or card-on-file transactions.
  • 2019: Unknown processing error. Retry later.

Account Error Codes

  • 3004: The account cannot transact.