How to create a store to be included in your registration process

If you need to sell merchandise, meal tickets or guest tickets for example, during the registration process, you can create a store


Where to go? 

From your event dashboard go to "Registration configuration" -> "Stores"

KB store article photo 1

Then, creating a store is a 3 steps process.


1st step: Add a new store

Click on the KB store article photo 2 button and fill in the pop up: 

KB store atricle photo 3

Store name: Will display at the top of the screen 

Store display: You can choose for who the store is available to access: for the entire event registrants, or only to people registering for a specific category (individual or team)

KB store article photo 4

Store type: You can choose if the store is available only during the registration process (in-process) or for anyone accessing your registration landing page (standalone). In the latest choice, someone doesn't need to be registered to your event to buy the store products.

KB store article photo 5

Optional: Store open and close date / Status If you need your store to be available only up to a certain date, you can set up a date range and the store will open/close automatically 

Single Purchase: The item can only be purchased once

Required Purchase: Individuals must purchase an item from the store

Are the items in this store mandatory purchase options?: The item is automatically added to the individual's cart

KB store article photo 6

Once you've created your store, it will show up on your dashboard as below. However, you now need to create the store items you want to sell.

KB store article photo 7

2nd step: Add a store item

Click on the Screen Shot 2023-01-23 at 2.32.31 PM button and fill in the pop up: 

KB store article photo 8

Store item name: Eg. "T-shirt" "Meal ticket" "Book" ect...

Display Order: Will define the order the items will show up on the screen when people open the store 

Images: You can upload images do give people an idea of what they can buy or an icon to make your store more user-friendly

KB store article photo 9

Description: Will help people to understand what exactly is the product. 

Tax & fee structure: We charge processing fees on store products also, it's up to you to decide who's paying for those fees. You can also add taxes if you need to collect any. 

3rd step: Add purchase options on your store item

Each store item needs to have at least one purchase option (price) that people can choose from. If you need to add more than 1 option, select the KB store article photo 10 then select KB store article photo 11

For example, if you're selling T-shirts you might want to sell 3 different sizes: 

KB store article photo 12

Purchase options: Name of the product to buy that will display on screen for people

Price: Can be the same of different for each option

Unlimited: If you don't have a limitation on the number of the item that can be purchase, kept the unlimited option to "Yes" - If you have only a specific quantity in stock, select "No" and enter your in-stock quantity in the "In stock" column.

Qty sold: As people go through your store, you'll see the quantity sold in your dashboard in this column.

Display order: The order the option will show up on the store for people to choose from

Per registration limitation: If you want registrant to be able to buy only 1 T-shirt, for example, you can set the per registration limitation to 1

Available: If you want to hide an option at some point, you can simply set the available option to "No"

4th step: Access your store

If you choose the "Standalone" option, your store will be available from your registration page: 

And it will look as below: