Administrative tools overview for clubs and events

On the administrative dashboard, there will be a number of sections where you can find relevant information, 8 of them will be presented in this overview :

Depending of each platform, your dashboard might have slightly different tabs.

First you need to access your administrative account and tools: 

  1. Select the login button 
  2. Select dashboard under tools

You have now access to your dashboard.

1. Events

The event tab will contain registration information and setup for any events you are hosting on our service. 

    2. Clubs

    The club tab will contain registration information and setup for any clubs hosted on our service.

    3. Financials & Accounting

    The financial and accounting tab will contain detailed financial information for funds we have collected on your behalf.

    The default tab in this section, ‘Cashflow’, contains an overview of all funds collected
    and disbursed to your organization:

    The various other tabs contain more detailed financial information.

    If you or your financial team
    have questions concerning the financials and accounting section, please contact

    4. Coupon codes 

    The coupon codes tab enables you to issue coupon codes for people registering to your club.You can discount any value or percentage from a registration. 

    5. Refunds

    The refunds tab is where you can track every refund that has been issued.


    6. Users /People

    The ‘User ’ tab will allow you to search for user accounts - it is especially useful for locating individuals registered by an admin, coach, or as part of a family account. 

    Accessing the ‘People’ tab, you will be able to search by name or associated email address, any individual who has started or completed a registration. Selecting a profile will allow you to directly access any registrations this individual holds and more.

    7. Registrations 

    The registration tab will allow you to search for, and direct access, registrations per individual. Selecting a registration will allow you to view information concerning, and collected during, a


    8. Orders

    The orders tab will allow you to search for, and directly access, a specific order in the system.

    Accessing an order directly will give you a breakdown of the order in question: order items and
    sub total, purchaser name and email address, date processed, and any completed transactions
    or invoicing to a payment group for the order.