How to edit your registration process settings? (Overview)

This guide is an overview of all the options you can edit in order to create a registration process that fits all your needs.

Table of content

You can access the overview description about what each tab of your setup dashboard is for by clicking on the title of each section. 


Start here

  • On the organizer's dashboard navigate to the left side and select Events.
  • The dashboard home tab is a summary of the registration activity and financial and accounting information

You will start to see numbers and registrations here as soon as your event is live. Find out how to set your event live below! 

  1.  The Event Listing tab records the main information about the event: name / date / address / URL

  1. Configuration Options 

a) Overview

This tab will allow you to:

  • Verify your fees structure (who’s paying the taxes and processing fees) and what kind of taxes are applicable on your event

  • Set the date range of the registration, when people will be able to start registering and when is the last day when they can register

  • Set up the global capacity for your event

  • Set up the age calculation date, meaning she system will consider the age of the registrant as of this date

  • Passphrase enable: if that option is ticked the person will be asked to enter the defined password to access the registration page


  b)  Content

This tab allows you to:

  • Update the main content that will be displayed on the registration page – the default is the pricing table. Any information in the box (A) here will show up in (B) red box



  • Update your "email header"(C) and "registration confirmation email body"(D). The default is shown in the images below. In order to update this, just click edit to the right of the screen. 





  • Update your "Transaction Successful Message". 
    You can edit this section by clicking the edit button to the right of your screen. 


  c)   Contact information

The contact information will be displayed above the map in the event registration page

d)  Styling

From that tab, you can change the button color on the registration page / Add a logo / Add a background image. Some ways to make your registration page more like you!

e) Registration Categories 

From this tab, you can update the different categories: Price / Discount / Requirements / Capacity

By clicking on the view/edit you can update:

    f) Registration Rules 

    It’s a way of saying, to be able to register I need to have the membership XXX. You need to list all possible memberships, for example:

    •  If a participant needs AT LEAST membership A, you need to add 3 rules: 

                - Membership A

                - Membership B

                - Membership C

    If I have either of those 3 I’ll be able to go through the process

    • If a participant needs AT LEAST membership B, you need to add 2 rules: 

                - Membership B

                - Membership C

    If I have either of those 2 I’ll be able to go through the process - if I have membership A the system will ask me to upgrade

    •  If Participant need a membership C, you need to add 1 rule: 

                - Membership C

    If I have a Membership C I’ll be able to go through the process - if not the system will ask me to upgrade.

    This is because the system does not know the hierarchy between the different types of memberships, so it compares the membership linked to the registrant's profile to the list of rules and if it matches with one of the option the person will be able to register, if not the person will need to buy a membership among the ones listed in the rules. 


    Also, you can set up the rules for all registrants:

    Or for each category: (those rules take over all registrants rules)

    Please note that only admins with PTSO permissions can ADD rules, but all admins can edit or remove them.

    g) Registration Forms

    A form is a list of questions you can include in your registration process. Forms can be displayed for all registration categories or for only specific ones.

    The questions can be common to all registrants or specific to a category:


    h)  Team categories

    If you need to set up team categories, please contact our customer service team and we’ll do it for you. 

    i) Mailchimp Setup

    If you have a Mailchimp account, you can link it to your event and each registrant email will be added to your list.

    j)  Advanced config

    From that screen, you can personalize the registration button as well as manage if people can register to multiple categories or just to one. 

    k) Waivers

    Here you can add any waiver that will be signed online by the participant during the registration process.

    l) Stores

    You can add a store to your registration process to sell marchandise or additional entrance tickets, for example. Please check our detailed articles below to know more about store setup.